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Southern Water

As a foster carer you can apply for a Blue Light Card

The cost is £4.99 for a two-year registration which can be renewed. 

Blue Light Card has partnerships with over 15,000 retailers and organisations from a variety of well-known brands. 

CLICK HERE for Discounts for Foster Carers | Blue Light Card 

Kent Rewards is available to all foster carers within Kent.  

The site offers

  • Financial advice & signposting 

  • Wellbeing Centre

  • Healthy Meal Recipe’s, Workout Videos and Meditation Videos 

  • Budgeting Tools

  • Local Discounts from local retailers & businesses 

  • National Discounts from over 700 national retailers 

  • Discounted high street vouchers, instant vouchers & reloadable cards.

  • And more!


To register for membership visit 

For membership enquiries email

The Max Card is a discount card for families of children with disabilities.

It can help you save money on great days out at castles, zoos, bowling alleys and more. 

These are available to any family of a disabled child or young person who is in receipt of disability benefit, or who has an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). 

If you are eligible for the Max Card, a card will automatically be sent to you after registering.

This usually takes around two weeks, where you will also receive information on where and how to use your card. 

Disabled Children Register - Kent County Council

Discount For Carers is a website which is available to foster carers, you can sign up for the discount scheme at no cost and start saving. 

They have a huge range of discounts, money-saving deals and vouchers available. 

Savings available on travel and holiday deals, money off top fashion brands, savings on homeware and electricals, through to deals on mobile phones, utilities and gym membership.  

Discounts For Carers: Exclusive Discounts, Offers & Codes

The Kent Fostering Service has commissioned Foster Talk, an independent support service for carers. This membership entitles foster carers to:

  • Emotional support, guidance, and advice from the Foster Talk Counselling Helpline.  The counselling service is available through a Freephone number, 24 hours a day.  There are no restrictions on frequency or duration of calls to the service; 0344 800 3880.

  • Arrest and interview assistance, (where carers are to be interviewed by the police, they are strongly advised to have a solicitor present)

  • Insurance against legal costs due to involvement in a prosecution, civil action etc.

Apply for household membership to obtain support and various discounts.  See their website for further information.

You can receive a Bounty Bonus payment of £500 when you recommend someone to foster who is later approved at Fostering Panel.

This can save money on leisure costs for the children and young people that you care for. The Kent Pledge makes a commitment to provide Children in Care with at least four hours a week of opportunities to take part in hobbies and interests (including sports, art and music).  As part of this commitment KCC has established the Sport and Leisure Scheme.  This offers free access to certain leisure facilities across the County.  Free facilities vary between Districts.  The scheme is currently only available in Maidstone and Tonbridge and Malling.

In all cases the young person needs to be resident within a district boundary to access that districts scheme and an application form will need to be submitted for each child.  Please contact Leisure Centres directly for their terms and conditions.

Apply through Merlin’s Magic Wand which is an independent charity partner for Merlin Entertainment for FREE days out to Merlin attractions.

Welfare benefits for foster carers can be complicated, not least because they are based on individual circumstances.  Some carers might be concerned about the impact of being a foster carer on their welfare benefits, therefore, as a KCC foster carer you can access individual advice and support through our Benefits Coordinator, Adam Smith on 03000 413217.

Does needing an extra bedroom affect my benefits? 

Housing Benefit and Universal Credit housing costs can be restricted if you are under-occupying the accommodation. However, you are allowed 1 extra bedroom if you have a foster child living with you or have fostered a child in the last 12 months.

Does fostering allowance count as income? 

Any fostering allowance you receive will not affect payment of any means-tested benefits you get - Universal Credit, Pension Credit, Housing Benefit, Jobseekers Allowance, Employment & Support Allowance, Income Support etc.

I am unemployed and claim Jobseekers Allowance. Does fostering count as work? 

No, fostering does not count as work.

Can I claim any extra benefits for my foster child?

No, any foster children living with you do not count towards claiming Child Benefit and Universal Credit. However, if the child is eligible for Disability Living Allowance this should be paid to you to help with the extra costs of having a disabled person in the property. You may also be able to claim Carers Allowance

Can I claim Universal Credit?

Depending on your personal circumstances you may be able to claim Universal Credit if you are under pension age. Although fostering allowance doesn’t count, any other income you (and your partner) possess will affect it.

In addition, the charity ‘Turn2us provides an online benefits calculator which is promoted by the Fostering Network.  You can provide details of your household and finances to find out what benefits you may be entitled to claim.

Turn2us Benefits Calculator


Southern Water can offer a discount on your water bill.  There is a threshold for a reduction which is as follows.

  • Someone in your home gets a means-tested benefit.

  • You’ve got three or more children under 19 living at home.

  • Someone living with you needs more water because of a medical condition.

For further information and to apply for a discount please contact

Foster carers generally do have to pay Council Tax; however this is a means tested cost.  So those on a low income can be eligible for this reduction.  Fostering allowances are not classed as income and therefore they are not taken into account when considering eligibility for a Council Tax Reduction.  Please contact your local Borough Council for further details. 

Broadband Social Tariffs are a way to get broadband if you are receiving Universal Credit or another type of financial support.  They can be cheaper than the standard monthly rate for the service.  To find out more about low-income broadband tariffs please follow the link below;


Leeds Castle is offering all foster carers a 50% discount on the Ultimate Explorer Ticket for 2023. 

To claim the discount, you will need to present a letter with support of your Fostering Social Worker. 

Tickets need to be purchased in person only.  

Please speak to your Fostering Social Worker for further details.


Both the KCC Travel Saver and 16+ Travel Saver bus pass applications for the academic year 2023/24 are now open.

These Travel Savers are free for all registered and engaging Young Carers aged 11-18yrs.

KAFC and Local Social Committees offer free and discounted events throughout the year.  Please regularly check our events page to see what is available. You will need the password from the monthly fostering newsletter to access.


If you are aware of any other benefits for foster carers please share and we will include them on this page. 

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