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As a registered incorporated charity we are committed to providing a professional service to Kent County Council (KCC) fostering families with a focus on providing support.


KAFC recognise that support is already available through Fostering, FosterTalk and the various other organisations we encounter during our fostering journey, however as KAFC comprises of KCC Foster Carers, there is a plethora of support and knowledge that is available to you. 


Our Trustees and KAFC Committee Representatives are involved in various professions, organisations, committees and groups. 

A few examples of where we have representation are: - Ambassadors, County and Local Advisory Boards, Annual Review Champions, KCC Corporate Parenting Panel, Recruitment Champions, FosterTalk, Advisory Boards and Panel Member for Medway Fostering. 


KAFC are happy to support KCC fostering families with a variety of concerns or issues please contact us to find out more.

Here are some websites that provide further support and information for Fostering Families.

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